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Lifting from the water (c)Michael J. Whelan




I imagined

someone’s last breath

caught with little

droplets of moisture

on the spider’s web

in my garden,

a dream catcher

of what might

be carried on a final sigh,

words resembling

a gesture of love

to be heard

if the breeze

passed through

the glistening threads

in the right fashion,

when the web curves

like an instrument

returning the pulse

of someone lost,

who left something

unheard but gifted,

and so I steeled myself

each and every day

with a prayer

and the memory of faces

to protect what might

be there

until it came

to its natural end,

till the silver faded

even though sunlight

always told me

where it was

and then, in my head,

just before a hurricane,

the voice of reason

spoke a poet’s verse

and said

open your notebook

and listen

for words

falling from your pen.


(c)Michael J. Whelan


Published in Live Encounters Poetry & Writing Magazine, September 2018 Issue




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