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Harvest Time - postcard - Lebanon 1990s

Harvest Time – postcard – Lebanon 1990s




A 155mm shell

fired from northern Israel

collides with an orchard

in south Lebanon


villages shake

landscapes awake

and echoes

rush the wadii


fear clings to grass and stone

retaliation or a violation?

we listen for the small-arms fire

but there is only crying.


Michael J. Whelan


Painting on a postcard, which I sent to my parents almost 25 years ago, titled ‘Harvest Patrol’ by Commandant J. Coates of 72 Irish Battalion UNIFIL. A postcard depicting Irish Peacekeepers protecting local Lebanese villagers during the olive harvest. This was dangerous work for them during the conflict.

Published by Mark Ulyseas in a sequence of poems titled ‘A Hundred Black Horizons’ in L.E. Poetry Magazine, February 2017



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