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Rules of Engagement



 You know he’s a bastard,

has done something bad,

really awful,

that look in his eyes – pushing you,

mocking your inability

to exact revenge

for the people in the village

were the women weep

for the old man killed

and the young terrorised.

You can’t be there all the time

but you could do something now,

hit him, spit on him,

shoot him dead

in your head

then let him go.

It’s not your fight.




(c)Michael J. Whelan

Published recently by Arthur Broomfield in OUTBURST magazine No 16, April 2016.



Bullet damage & Shrapnel - Lebanon (Michael J. Whelan)

Bullet & Shrapnel damage – Lebanon (Michael J. Whelan)




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And Agamemnon Dead An Anthology of Early Twenty First Century Irish Poetry Edited by Peter O'Neill & Walter Ruhlmann

And Agamemnon Dead
An Anthology of Early Twenty First Century Irish Poetry
Edited by Peter O’Neill & Walter Ruhlmann

Hi everyone, I’m really happy to announce that a brand new anthology of contemporary Irish poetry has been published today (St Patrick’s Day) in Paris and I am also delighted to say that I have five poems included in the collection alongside a number of exciting and interesting new voices coming out of Ireland in the these early years of the 21st Century.

And Agamemnon Dead An Anthology of Early Twenty First Century Irish Poetry, Edited by Peter O’Neill & Walter Ruhlmann is published by Muavaise Graine (Paris 2015) –

see https://www.facebook.com/mgversion2datura

and among its 187 pages you will find poetry from

Michael McAloran — Amos Greig — Dylan Brennan — Christine Murray — Arthur Broomfield — Peter O’ Neill — Rosita Sweetman — Michael J. Whelan — Anamaría Crowe Serrano — Peadar O’ Donoghue — Strider Marcus Jones — Colm Kearns — John Saunders — Kevin Higgins — Paul Casey — Sarah Brown Weitzman — Eithne Lannon — Maighread Medbh — Jack Grady — Bob Shakeshaft 

“…there does indeed exist a whole world of writing out there which seems to live in a parallel universe alongside the more familiar voices which appear in the mainstream media, here in Ireland. There is nothing remarkable being said here, is it not always the case in every period, no matter what society? There will always be the majority, who somehow would appear to expound the specific values and criteria which that particular society holds up.” Peter O’Neill (extract from the Preface)

The official launch of the anthology will be take place in Skerries, Ireland on the 23rd May during the Donkey Shots, Skerries First International Avant Garde Poetry Festival (Donkey Shots pronounced Don Quichote) – and all are welcome to come along.

And Agamemnon Dead is a really beautiful collective body of work so please share with as many friends as you can, and if you know any writers who would be willing to review it please pass it on.

You can purchase your copy by clicking on the link here   http://www.lulu.com/shop/peter-oneill-and-rosita-sweetman-and-michael-mcaloran-and-amos-greig/and-agamemnon-dead/paperback/product-22087100.html

Best wishes for St Patrick’s Day, where ever you are in the world, and always


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